Monday, August 27, 2007

Autumn has arrived

Autumn has arrived to Changsha and the change of weather is lovely after the scorching hot months we've had. This picture's taken in a grassy area near my apartment. Its been raining this last week making everything nice and green.

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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Walk the Wall!

Walk the Wall! check it out by clicking here

In a nutshell, its a fundraising venture organised for the organisation I volunteer with here in China to raise funds to help in our work of helping abandoned and disabled children here in China.

If you think its a worthwhile cause and want to walk or donate, see the information on how to do so on the website.

If you want to sponsor me to walk the 10km here in Changsha, click here to go to a page where you can do just that.

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Gone wireless

I had to make a trip to the 'computer market' yesterday as the cord for my computer somehow became partly severed and the wire was exposed - didn't look all that safe.

Anyway, I found a power cord of different brand but which seems to do the job fine for 85RMB, not bad.

While was there the wireless routers caught my attention and I ended up picking up one of them for 190RMB (thats like only $30) which is making working and researching at home so much more enjoyable. Now I don't have to fiddle around with the cords which used to keep falling out in the middle of downloading emails and things.

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Old city wall

I was out and about the city today, helping a newly arrived team member find where she is to attend university classes and trying to map out a bus route. Snapped this picture on our way home. Part of the last remaining section of the ancient Changsha city wall. You can go in and also relax in the surrounding parks, lots of interesting historical stuff to see in there if you ever come by Changsha.

Its really really really hot here. More than just high temperatures its ridiculously humid. Was sweating buckets out there in the sun today, I hate how your eye's sting when they keep getting sweat in them :)

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