Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Ok, this post is not about Changsha, but since last Friday (26th January) was Australia Day I thought I could post this link . It made me smile.

Sometimes in class my teacher asks me questions like "So in China everyone calls you a foreigner, stares at you, points at you, charges you more for goods, talks about you openly as if you aren't there....what do you do if you see a foreigner in your country" - I've tried to explain so many times that it is totally different - because any individual Australian may have ancestors from any number of "foreign countries" and so it is impossible to tell by simply looking at someone that they are a "foreigner" and even if you could, it wouldn't even compare in significance to being spotted as a foreigner in China. Ok....RANT over.... you'll understand what that refers to if you check out the link...although I'm yet to meet an "Indigo Australian".

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sunny winter days....

The weather here has been lovely these last few days, sunny, blue (well blue-grey) skies and at night we can see stars!!!!! Its school holidays so the kids are out everywhere enjoying the nice weather and all the grandparents are sitting in the park knitting and chatting while watching over their grand kids.

And.... its great weather for getting the washing done and dried and if you have no where at home to hang it out - why not hang it out in the park? I love it.......

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Its really cold here at the moment...freezing....well I know there are much colder places than here but this is cold enough for me! It snowed on Tuesday night and on Wednesday Changsha woke up under a thin blanket of snow. It usually only snows once a year in Changsha so everyone made the most of it - scraping together snow to make snowmen like the one above and having snowball fights. By later afternoon it had mostly turned into grey mush which made feet wet and cold but it seemed the white stuff...while it lasted...had lifted everyone's spirits for a while in the cold, wet, grey skyed Changsha winter.

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