Thursday, November 30, 2006

Beijing Olympics

I saw an article in the newspaper with an article about the cheap tickets that will be available for the Beijing Olympics. Being in Chinese I only understood the bare-bones of it so went on line to check it out (here).... seems the tickets are going to be very affordable - if you're quick I guess.... and then you've got to find accomodation in Beijing. Would be nice though....

I'm back!!! Recycling and chilli peppers

I've been away for a week and with the busy-ness before and after travelling haven't had time to post . But finally got a chance to spend a bit of time online tonight and discovered...... Blogspot is unblocked again!!! Who knows why or when it might be blocked again but its a nice coming home present and inspired me to post a few pictures I took earlier in November.....

This guy is having fun pushing his bulky load up a potholed dirt hill.... and its about to get better for him - they are digging up the road a bit further up. I have to say though, that recycling seems to be a huge thing in China, everything can be collected and sold for recylcing - everything- bottles, cardboard, polystyrene, bits of metal..... they even have people who ride around on bicycles and will collect broken electrical equipment. (I think this guy is pushing his load of polystyrene collected for recycling - but I could be wrong - open to any guesses from you guys).

And finally! Some chilli's in the land of chilli peppers. I was out in the countryside a few weeks ago (workmates wedding) and besides growing grapefruit they had a few chilli bushes by the road. These are the baby ones.....

And here are the more grown up ones.....

Monday, November 06, 2006

Walking on water

Was at the park on Sunday afternoon and began to notice these signs about. HMMMM...... "Walk on lake. Be careful" !!! Its almost a dare to try walking on water - didn't see anyone attempting this miracle though.

Its one of the things I love about China - these little incidences that surprise you and make you smile. Was on the bus today and saw this couple crossing the busy road. Not much surprising about that. BUT - they were both blind. The lady (?wife) was in front and she had this big stick she was using as a cane, feeling the road as she went. The man walked a step behind her with his hand on her shoulder. Truly a case of the blind leading the blind! It was amazing to watch - it seemed so nice in a way.

Blustery Autumn day

Sunday was a very blustery Autumn day in Changsha, I was walking down the street and the wind was blowing leaves everywhere. The poor street sweeper (in fluorescent orange below) was rushing around, running across the road with her little cart but to be honest I don't think she could do anything right then to contain it all.

Blogger blocked

Yes - I have decided that blogger/blogspot is definately blocked from China again.

Its making it just that little bit more difficult to post regularly - sorry about that.

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