Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hotel room

Ok, so the photos don't do it justice. It was a nice room, just a little...interesting. Bright orange walls, pink desk, bright green bathroom, bright yellow piping for central heating. And there was the lamp with sweaty looking peacock feathers. Oh! and of course the glass walls around the bathroom!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Autumn moon festival

Today is the day for the Autumn Moon Festival. Traditionally this is the day you have dinner with family, eat moon cakes together and look at the moon.

Unfortunately, I don't particularly like moon cakes, I'm far from family and any friends today and its cloudy so chances of seeing the moon later are doubtful.

Happy Moon Festival to you anyway! :)


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Monday, September 24, 2007

Tripping around

Well I've been here, there and everywhere in the last 3 weeks. Had a busy week first week of September with meetings at work. Then headed off to Macau for our annual staff retreat.

Macau used to be a pirate cove apparently (bet you didn't know that ;) ), the Portuguese in all their shipping exploration etc rid it of said pirates and as their reward China gave them Macau, or so the story goes. Macau was of course returned to the Chinese several years ago by treaty but still retains many old buildings and other remnants of Portuguese culture including yummy food. Unfortunately now it seems the "pirates" have won it back and the place is chocker block full of casino's. Nice place to see once but won't be rushing back there anytime soon.

I then had a few days in Hong Kong for some errands/business. Went back to Changsha for 2 days and then came to TianJin where I am right now, visiting another NGO who are helping families in the community who have children with disabilities. Its only day one but its been amazing, my head's exploding but in a good way.

On another note, I'll post pictures of my hotel room I'm staying in when I get the right cords. Its a local cheap hotel, very nice, especially for the price. Just whoever did the planning was a little....creative with colours, and the bathroom :)

Catch you all later,


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Monday, September 03, 2007

life goes on

hmm, i've managed 5 posts now this month, 2 in the last 2 weeks. Not bad huh?

I've discovered a new tool called "scribe fire" which makes blogging soooooo quick and pain free - recommend you give it a try if you have your own blog. The only challenge now is to remember to take more photos out and about.

So, I joined a gym a few weeks ago and am enjoying it so far. It always seemed a little 'extravagant' to think about joining a gym here but have really felt the need to get more exercise now that I am riding my electric bike and not walking so much. At least gym membership here can be really cheap ($60 for 3 months), it seems like a nice enough place (people are friendly, they have classes and most of the machines work). Should be worth it if it gets me fit or helps me lose some kilos!

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