Monday, September 24, 2007

Tripping around

Well I've been here, there and everywhere in the last 3 weeks. Had a busy week first week of September with meetings at work. Then headed off to Macau for our annual staff retreat.

Macau used to be a pirate cove apparently (bet you didn't know that ;) ), the Portuguese in all their shipping exploration etc rid it of said pirates and as their reward China gave them Macau, or so the story goes. Macau was of course returned to the Chinese several years ago by treaty but still retains many old buildings and other remnants of Portuguese culture including yummy food. Unfortunately now it seems the "pirates" have won it back and the place is chocker block full of casino's. Nice place to see once but won't be rushing back there anytime soon.

I then had a few days in Hong Kong for some errands/business. Went back to Changsha for 2 days and then came to TianJin where I am right now, visiting another NGO who are helping families in the community who have children with disabilities. Its only day one but its been amazing, my head's exploding but in a good way.

On another note, I'll post pictures of my hotel room I'm staying in when I get the right cords. Its a local cheap hotel, very nice, especially for the price. Just whoever did the planning was a little....creative with colours, and the bathroom :)

Catch you all later,


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hi how did/ are you travelling from Changsha city to Maccau????
hi sam, how far is Changsha city from macau???? and how did/ are you travelling there????
Hi, You can get from Changsha to Macau a variety of ways.

You can fly or catch a train to Shenzhen and then catch a ferry to Macau. The train takes 10 hours, the plane takes 1. The ferry takes about 1 hour.

Otherwise you can catch a Train down to Guangzhou and catch a ferry or catch a train to ZhuHai and catch a bus across the border to Macau.

You need to check prices, sometimes if you get a good deal you can get plane tickets for around 400RMB to shenzhen.
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