Monday, July 07, 2008

Rooftop views

So this is the view from the roof of our apartment building- its kinda quiet up there if its quiet anywhere in Changsha.
You can kind of see the mish mash of buildings and how some people build little gardens and hide-aways on their roofs. Mostly people use the roof of our building for drying washing and drying food- you can see some beans being dried on the left and some chilli's being dried on the right.

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Facebook blocked?

Well it seems the olympics are playing all havoc with visas here in China and now maybe even the internet?

Facebook has become the place where I spend most of my time on the 'net so much that I don't even post to this blog very often....that is until facebook doesn't work.

It seems that Facebook is currently blocked here in China (for the last week approximately)- I can access it via a proxy via a proxy (yes crazy - not even one proxy will do it!) and then I only get the basic views - i can't change my status, click on tabs or post. Other than that the internet is really really slow and other random sites seem to be blocked as well - including Downloading of emails is also hit and miss.

We'll wait and see if this will be a long term thing or just a short term random annoyance.

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